• The partner you initially discuss the assignment with is the same partner who will execute your assignment. We do not pass assignments down to junior members of the firm for execution.

  • Client communication during an assignment is paramount to its successful completion. It is not unusual for our partners to talk with clients at least weekly to review the progress of the assignment.

  • We normally put two to three candidates in front of our clients during the first 45 days of a search. Most assignments are completed within 120 days.

  • Ray Partners is not a typical executive search firm. We approach candidates who are not looking for jobs. We try to convince them that it makes sense to confidentially appraise a new position with one of our clients. In other words, at Ray Partners we believe we can get our clients the audience of candidates they would not otherwise see.
  • Degree verification is done before candidates are presented to our clients.

  • Thorough reference checking is done before our clients extend a formal offer of employment.

  • We stand behind our placements. If a candidate we place does not perform as expected during their first year of employment with one of our clients we will re-execute the search.