Private Equity firms are major customers of Ray Partners. The executives they seek are a special breed. They must be fiscally sound, creative in approach, and exceptional leaders to succeed in today's demanding environment. Since profit margins have been squeezed in recent years across industry, leaders of private equity firms are constantly challenged with improving operating efficiency, reducing overhead, and finding new markets for portfolio companies.

Ray Partners is accustomed to locating executives who fit the profile described above. Often, these are executives who have been trained in large, world class companies that have gone on to be seasoned in more entrepreneurial environments. We understand the intangible characteristics necessary to be successful in the private equity environment, and believe we know how to differentiate between form and substance.

We have conducted assignments for large and small private equity firms. We have found operating partners for our clients as well as executives to lead portfolio companies. Our experience ranges from small companies with $20 million in annual revenues to large enterprises with annual revenues that reach into the billions.